Ryan B. Testimony

The things that are happening here are so incredible. I am so thrilled to be a part of the end-time harvest being able to have so much purpose in life is so amazing know that I am filling my spirit with a message that is truly the heart of the father. My prayer is that people would catch this there is nothing greater then seeing the love of god flowing threw u and touching the heart of man.

I think the church needs to fall back in love with Jesus. The best way to do that is by loving are neighbor and making sure they have the opportunity to receive Jesus in there hearts. It’s time we live for what the truth is and that that Jesus is lord and eternity is real heaven and he’ll is real. -Ryan B.

Raise your right hand. Have more than one child? Oh, a lot. It’s difficult to teach those children to love one another, to share, isn’t it?

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