Noble K. Testimony

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It was not until the first time I went soul wining that I truly understood how much our country needed revival, and even thou I was more than capable of killing my flesh enough to go out, I still tried as hard as I could to avoid actually talking to people but eventually conviction caught up with me to the point where I could not just stand there and see someone without making sure they heard the gospel myself, I don’t want God to say to me that I had them in front of me and I did not tell them, no not anymore, going for as many souls as I, I am trying to bring as many souls I can with me to heaven no holds bars, can I realize that when people say no its not to me but to God and same when they are saying yes.

Seeing the people come into the Kingdome makes all it worth it, watching the same people that I talk to on the streets show up to church on Sunday morning seeing people healed and watching them go out and preach the gospel like they heard it , going to the alter call and getting touched, It makes me feel like I am succeeding on a frontline mission that God himself has ordered me to execute, the plan my friends is to plunder hell concerning souls, take everything and give nothing back, after all it’s the very least one can do for what was done for us on that cross.

I chilling all believers to go to grab a script or two go out and spread the gospel In your community and see the harvest come, see your communities change, and turn the area around you upside-down for the Kingdome of God.

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