Rai D. Testimony

These last two weeks of Rbi, God has been speaking to me. One of the things He told me is that I am going to cast out devils, which at first I was like what? I am not going to lie I was afraid, however then God showed me a picture of Him and the devil, reminding me how big He is, and how little the demons are.  So then I felt a lot better to remember that My God is greater, and that the devil doesn’t compare to My God. Sometimes we get so caught up on worrying that we treat the devil like he is all big and mighty, however he isn’t, God is, and that was just another way of God reminding me.

Another Thing that has happened these last two weeks of Rbi is that God has shown me that giving isn’t just a thing you do because you have too, however it is a lifestyle. I have learned that I don’t need to have attachment towards anything in this world; all I need is God, because everything in this earth shall past away, yet God is the only one who will remain. I never really had a problem with giving, however I never saw it as a thing to do just simply because you love Jesus. Yes I tithe, but I tithe without thinking, however now it is different I tithe happy. I can’t wait for the offering message so that I am able to sow a seed, because it is just another way of showing how much I love God, and I want God to very much know that I love Him! So He has really opened my eyes more when it comes to giving! It is not only about tithing but offerings too. Last week I was able to give away my alabaster box which I thought I’d never be able to do, but I did, and I felt peace after it, and happy. I felt so joyful not only because I have given God everything, however because I had proved to myself that I won’t attach to anything of this world!

“Well, is mom going to say “I’m sorry”? How long will she go?” and a lot of moms never say “I’m sorry” and I have seen my wife, who spoke earlier, tell Lee Beth that she was sorry for a particular matter of discipline or whatever that she was involved in and it builds such authenticity.

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