Honorata M. Testimony

I was serving in the call center and some one called asking for prayer so that she could be filled with the joy of the Lord.  My joy was not full and little did I realize that I also needed to be filled with the joy of the lord also. I shared the scriptures that covered the promises of the joy of the lord.

I started praying for this saint of God and all of a sudden I was filled with the joy of the Lord and in turn the person that I was praying for was filled and busted out laughing on the other end of the phone. We just laughed and laughed and through out the period I was at the call centre I was full of joy. Glory to God. -Honorata M.

Love your spouse. The number one fear children have is that mommy and daddy will separate and they will get a divorce. Let me illustrate. Lee Beth was a year and a half old. She was at her high chair.

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