Cathy S. Testimony

First of all, just being accepted to the school’s program is a privilege to me.  I  was called to RBI about four years ago and was flat out disobedient to God’s calling for my life.  I am so excited and thankful to my Father for His mercy and grace on my life for this “second” opportunity!

I felt I lost my zealousness for spreading the Good News!  As a result of The Great Awakening, I have tried a few times to read the script and save a soul for the Kingdom but fear always stopped me.  Then when the Lord spoke to me about attending RBI, I was really nervous and had so much hesitation due to the fear.  Then RBI offered the scholarship…… I knew I had to just get over it and yield to the Holy Spirit.

God  is so amazing and knows exactly what he is doing!  He has used RBI’s leadership messages to instill wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word into my soul!  I have received  so many breakthroughs that I am in complete awe!  Thank you to all leadership for your obedience!  When school started, I had this negative spirit of fear on me.  This fear has darkened many areas of my life.  I am so excited to say that I have been totally set free!

I went Soul Winning on Saturday.  Seemed like that fear demon was trying to work its way around.  I would knock on doors, no answer.  Spoke to a few and they ran away.  I expressed my concerns with my group.  With their positive words in my spirit, I rebuked the fear of rejection and told that demon that he wasn’t in charge of me, God was and that I was going to continue regardless so leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  WOW!  It happened!  God used me to lead ten (10) souls to His Kingdom and that was only in a few short hours!

I have, in humility, embraced His presence for three weeks now.  I am FREE from fear, lack and self hate.  I am ready and willing to be used as His vessel.  GOD LOVES ME and I LOVE HIM!

What? That’ll ruin the supermom myth”. Say “I’m sorry” to your children. Children aren’t dumb. They might have been born at night, but not last night. When a mistake is made, a maternal error, they’re usually stepping back and checking,

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