Barry Testimony

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Dear Rodney, you came to Adelaide South Australia many years ago amidst a storm of criticism and controversy that followed you from Toronto Canada.  Being an Evangelist myself, and coming from a Baptist traditional background I was not only skeptical of your testimony but so incensed at your ministry of laughing in the Spirit and slaying others in the Spirit, that I would not even attend your services because I was convinced I would be open to receiving evil spirits.  I prayed vigorously that the Lord would get you out of our country as quickly as possible. I absolutely despised you.  How wrong I was! In the years following your ministry here I have opened up myself to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and he has not only filled me and given me a dependence on his leading, but has showed me how wrong I was about you and others who have been ministering in the Spirit for so many years. I now thank God for you, ever since I watched one of your evangelistic Revival meetings on a US Christian TV station.  As you spoke the anointing of the Holy Spirit fell heavily upon me.  Such A deep, sweet anointing that totally filled and overwhelmed me, saturated me. I could now see how powerful your ministry in Revival will be to all who open their hearts to receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Rodney, ten years ago the Holy Spirit revealed to me in a supernatural way where Revival will break out in Australia.  I wont recall it now, but I do have it written down, and if you want me to send it to you, please reply and tell me.  I do ask you to forgive me for my hypocrisy and the satanic attitude that I once fostered.  Please be assured of my prayers and praises as you preach throughout this world.  I would like to have the pleasure of meeting with you when I next travel to the USA, if that is possible.  Bye for now,  God bless you.

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