Jesus controls the Elements

Your first thought might be to say, “Rodney, you can’t be

serious. Surely Jesus won’t meet every need —not every single

need. Some He’ll meet, yes, but surely not every need.”

Yes! He’ll meet every need, every one! Some people think

His power is only for life-and-death situations. But that’s not



In fact, Jesus used His power not only to touch people in

every area of their lives, but to meet the needs of His own ministry

as well. When the disciples needed tax money, for instance,

Jesus said to Peter, “Go down and catch the first fish. The money

you need is in his mouth.” (See Matthew 17:24-27.)


When you have a need, no matter how simple or how complicated

it is, when Jesus shows up, He’s going to meet that need.

That is the Gospel! It’s Good News!


Jesus is also our Miracle Worker. Think about this for a

moment: Jesus walked on water. Nobody benefited from that

miracle except Him. So why, then, did He walk on water? He

walked on water because He needed to get to the other side! He

sent the disciples on across the lake, because when you’re in minister

you need to get away from people and pray sometimes. Then

he walked on the water to catch up with them. When Jesus walked

on water, it did not seem like a necessity, but a luxury. He could

have waited for another boat!


If the Pharisees had gotten hold of Jesus, they would have

said, “You’re abusing God’s power! How dare you walk on water

for your own benefit? Who do You think You are? From now on,

please refrain from walking on water and always take a boat like

everyone else. Look at You, taking God’s power and using it for



I believe that Jesus walked on water to show us that He

had control over the elements as a sign and a wonder. But I also

believe that He did it to show us that if we are obeying and serving

God, we can trust Him to make a way for us where there is no

way. Most of the time we have no faith for the supernatural, but

God wants us to know that His supernatural power is there for us

when we need it.


And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible,

but not with God: for with God all things are


MARK 10:27


We could go on and on telling what happens when Jesus

shows up. He showed up at the Pool of Bethesda, around which

lay a great multitude of blind, crippled, maimed, and withered

people. What happened when Jesus showed up? He found a man

who had been there for a long time because he didn’t have anybody

to help him get into the pool.


Jesus tells you the same thing He told that man, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk (John 5:8). Do you realize that all we need in our churches, all we need in America, is for Jesus to show up? When He walks in the

door, He is going to make a difference.