The Body of Christ

Having come from work straight to church in the middle of the service at half past nine during the evening meeting obviously my body feels tired from the day work and having stood since the whole afternoon to the time I get in the car, I get in the service then there are mixed feelings of what to expect. But I see my family and the people we are hosting they were anxiously waiting on me as if the action has been going on not much left so they need a ride home, suggestions are made that I would stay while they take the car home and that I should find a ride home. I realized am at ease and peace because there would be no destruction .I look around see people expecting but I was not sure what to expect, but just sit and be still. By this time Pastor Rodney is speaking of the gifts of tongues from the holy spirit I started going back and forth realizing I could be able to identify from what he was talking about when I was little at the age 11 going for over night prayer meetings. I mean praying all night no chatting breaks or coffee breaks people speaking in heavenly language you could easily sense the heaviness of his presence. As the pastor called for people to come forward to receive the gift of the Holy spirit with the evidence of speaking with other tongues I started to get excited because this area is one of the areas neglected and mocked in the body of Christ .Pastor prays finishes invited Adonica to pray, she take the mic immediately I sensed new tongues coming out of my belly not like the prayer language but something sweet giving praise to the lord. Glory What an experience.-Geoffrey M.

Some of you could be in our drama ministry, some could play an instrument, help with parking visitors, coach our children’s basketball, assist in the nursery, work with the singles.