Cathy S. Testimony

First of all, just being accepted to the school’s program is a privilege to me.  I  was called to RBI about four years ago and was flat out disobedient to God’s calling for my life.  I am so excited and thankful to my Father for His mercy and grace on my life for this “second” opportunity!

I felt I lost my zealousness for spreading the Good News!  As a result of The Great Awakening, I have tried a few times to read the script and save a soul for the Kingdom but fear always stopped me.  Then when the Lord spoke to me about attending RBI, I was really nervous and had so much hesitation due to the fear.  Then RBI offered the scholarship…… I knew I had to just get over it and yield to the Holy Spirit.

God  is so amazing and knows exactly what he is doing!  He has used RBI’s leadership messages to instill wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word into my soul!  I have received  so many breakthroughs that I am in complete awe!  Thank you to all leadership for your obedience!  When school started, I had this negative spirit of fear on me.  This fear has darkened many areas of my life.  I am so excited to say that I have been totally set free!

I went Soul Winning on Saturday.  Seemed like that fear demon was trying to work its way around.  I would knock on doors, no answer.  Spoke to a few and they ran away.  I expressed my concerns with my group.  With their positive words in my spirit, I rebuked the fear of rejection and told that demon that he wasn’t in charge of me, God was and that I was going to continue regardless so leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  WOW!  It happened!  God used me to lead ten (10) souls to His Kingdom and that was only in a few short hours!

I have, in humility, embraced His presence for three weeks now.  I am FREE from fear, lack and self hate.  I am ready and willing to be used as His vessel.  GOD LOVES ME and I LOVE HIM!

What? That’ll ruin the supermom myth”. Say “I’m sorry” to your children. Children aren’t dumb. They might have been born at night, but not last night. When a mistake is made, a maternal error, they’re usually stepping back and checking,

Rai D. Testimony

These last two weeks of Rbi, God has been speaking to me. One of the things He told me is that I am going to cast out devils, which at first I was like what? I am not going to lie I was afraid, however then God showed me a picture of Him and the devil, reminding me how big He is, and how little the demons are.  So then I felt a lot better to remember that My God is greater, and that the devil doesn’t compare to My God. Sometimes we get so caught up on worrying that we treat the devil like he is all big and mighty, however he isn’t, God is, and that was just another way of God reminding me.

Another Thing that has happened these last two weeks of Rbi is that God has shown me that giving isn’t just a thing you do because you have too, however it is a lifestyle. I have learned that I don’t need to have attachment towards anything in this world; all I need is God, because everything in this earth shall past away, yet God is the only one who will remain. I never really had a problem with giving, however I never saw it as a thing to do just simply because you love Jesus. Yes I tithe, but I tithe without thinking, however now it is different I tithe happy. I can’t wait for the offering message so that I am able to sow a seed, because it is just another way of showing how much I love God, and I want God to very much know that I love Him! So He has really opened my eyes more when it comes to giving! It is not only about tithing but offerings too. Last week I was able to give away my alabaster box which I thought I’d never be able to do, but I did, and I felt peace after it, and happy. I felt so joyful not only because I have given God everything, however because I had proved to myself that I won’t attach to anything of this world!

“Well, is mom going to say “I’m sorry”? How long will she go?” and a lot of moms never say “I’m sorry” and I have seen my wife, who spoke earlier, tell Lee Beth that she was sorry for a particular matter of discipline or whatever that she was involved in and it builds such authenticity.

James M. Testimony

Finally I began to get ahold of myself and realized everything was in God’s hands and if He didn’t want me to go to Bible School it was ok with me, He knew what was best for me and I did not have to worry.  He would not let anything happen to me.  It was in His hands.  I got peace again and continued with my day’s plans.

That afternoon I decided to call the same number again, just for grins.  The phone rang and the Institute operator said, “Good afternoon, River Bible Institute”.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had made contact just as it should have happened.  I told the lady my name and asked if I had received the scholarship.  She said, “Let me check”.  She came back on and said congratulations; you have received your scholarship.  Then I began to tell her what had happened previously that morning and as I was speaking to her I realized that satin was fighting me to keep me from coming to this school.  I told the lady, ma’am, God is going to be doing great work in me.  I now know because if it were not so, Satan would not be fighting me so hard to keep me from coming there.  He is afraid.  Halleluiah!

As I meditated later on what had happened, I understood that this whole incident was to confirm to me by the Spirit that I was being sent to River Bible Institute by the Spirit.  If this had not happened I would have come to the school not really knowing by the Spirit I was in Gods will.  Because although initially I witnessed that what was going on at this Great Awakening was a good thing and I agreed with what I was seeing.  I still didn’t hear God say go.  Without this experience, later on I probably would have questioned whether or not this was just a good idea.

This is my first testimony of River Bible Institute.  Since then God has revealed Himself in so many ways to me and we are experiencing Gods pouring out of His Holy Spirit on us here at the River.  May God Bless you all……. James M.

I don’t care how much religion you teach, Christianity, bring them to church, read David and Goliath stories, pray and say, “Praise the Lord.

Christa J. Testimony

I never thought I would sit where I am currently sitting, or know God how I know him, or for that matter even be alive if it weren’t for the effect that Revival Ministries International has had on my life, and the lives of my family. I thank God for Pastors Rodney and Adonica.

I came to live in Tampa two years and one month ago. I moved here with my mom shortly after my father passed away. My dad was a pastor of a Rhema church in Kissimmee Florida. It was a sudden and devastating loss; I was only sixteen years old at the time. I grew up in a Pentecostal church my entire life, but I had never fully received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I really did not know God. I knew about God but I never knew him as my Heavenly Father. I thought I had a free ticket into heaven because my father was a pastor. I was oblivious to the truth.

When I was 15 years old, my dad, my sister and I went to the Great Awakening Tour in Miami Florida. One night after the service my dad and my sister and I got a chance to talk to Pastor Rodney. While we were talking he told my sister and I that if we ever wanted to attend RBI or RSW that we would have scholarships. I picked up an RSW pamphlet and started talking to my dad about how I would love to go there one day, but that I wanted to go to Rhema like he did. I had other plans for my self but God knew what he was doing. When I got the scholarship I had no idea that I would one day end up living in Tampa while my mom would attend RBI. Christa J.

Hallelujah” eery other breath, if you are not living the life, if you are not modeling the life to your children, then all the other stuff becomes blurred and kind of a fog, a spiritual fog, centers and covers what they’re trying to teach.