Ministers Conference 2010 – Amie J. Testimony

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The Ministers Conference 2010 was definitely a first time experience for me.

God used that week to truly show me how many boundaries I had put upon Him. God really deposited something in me that has changed the way I view Him. I was refreshed and recharged by the Holy Ghost during each service, but it also seemed like at the same time I was going through a transformation of my heart and spiritual eye-sight.

I learned that after God speaks and tells me something is going to happen, not to ask peoples’ opinions or let people input doubt into me.

When God says it, it will come to pass. God calls the things that are not, as though they are. I also learned about stretching my faith and realized that when something seems possible for me to do on my own, that I’m not using faith; because faith looks at the impossible and knows it’s only God that can make it possible.

I could go try and make the vision happen, but I don’t want to throw myself into it- I want to be sown into it by the Lord. Which means my vision needs to get bigger! God is going to do far more than what I see right now anyways. Also, When God puts you somewhere, it’s not for us to wish we were somewhere else.

I don’t believe there’s any amount of words I could put to what was truly deposited into me during this conference, but I believe everything will be made manifest and God will bring it to my remembrance as it is needed.

Matthew B. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Wow I do not know where to start, I have learned a lot over the seven days of ministers conference , But the  one thing that really sticks out me was when , there was an apostle apostle from Miami  was laying hands  on people for healing.

He was calling out people by these sicknesses, when I prayed that he would call out someone with a skin disease. Now I know I don’t have to have hands laid on me to be healed by God. It was more of the moment like, “Hey if people are going to get healed up there I’m going to get healed”.

That night he did not call me, or my sickness.  I didn’t pay much attention to it. Until the next morning when that same apostle was preaching again on the glory towards the end of his message he said the lord told me there was one person in here with some kind of skin disease.  I raised my hand as fast as I could not even thinking about the night before, I got prayed for and knew I was healed so I gave thanks to the Lord I went to the restroom to see if I was healed I still saw the skin disease but I knew the Lord did not call me out to no heal me so now begins the battle of faith.