Erica J. Testimony

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This last week at Encounter 2010 we took 70 of our teenagers to a camp 2 ours away. The goal of this experience was to give them an opportunity to get away from the everyday and for them to press in to have a real life, face to face encounter with Jesus Christ. All though as a youth leader my goal is for everyone to press in and see God change their life there were a couple of students. I knew that they came from homes where they were the only ones that served God and if they were going to survive, they needed Holy Ghost power.

Two days went by and one of the girls seemed like a brick on the wall, just watching everyone else get touched. It broke my heart and I just cried out more for her, “God touch her!” The Thursday night, she finally decided for herself to stand up and press in. That night the power of God hit her and she wept. That girl left camp filled with the Holy Spirit and a totally new heart. She doesn’t even look the same anymore. These encounters are the reason I became a youth leader