Summer Camp Meeting – Daniel W. Testimony

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What did I experience during camp meeting on a personal level that made me excited? I experienced a lot of spiritual renewal for souls, and spreading revival. The lord had explained the second part of my vision for coming down to the river. The Lord also, gave me the next instructions for the next step for my ministry, and that happened Sunday morning service.

The promise of this generation was received for me personal to carry revival by any means necessary, especially in my private walk with the Lord Jesus, himself. I know the lord is urging, and a new since of urgency was imparted to my sprit, and holiness and integrity to last to the end until the lord calls me home.

I know in the process of pressing in harder to the lord, I will get a deeper desire for souls in general. The Lord renewed and breathed on my vision, so I could see what is coming down the road for my ministry. For example, I had to know the timing in which things were to take place shortly. The lord even spoke to my wife the same morning and that was in itself confirmation, and brought great relief. The amazing part is that I received more from the Lord and not one single person laid hands on me.  The second part of my vision was to arise! Which means go!