Petri R. Testimony

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Before coming to RBI, I was afraid of telling people about Jesus. In my heart I wanted to do that, but just could not do it. When I heard about this ministry and RBI, that it focuses on souls and bringing the gospel to the people, I knew immediately that this is exactly what I need and what I feel in my heart God has called me to do. When the first soul winning took place, I was following other people how they do it, but was still in the bondage of fear to do it my self. The second time I decided to just knock on the door, open my mouth and read the script even though I felt totally incapable of doing it. I had to take the step, no matter what. And, to my surprise, that person behind the door did not reject me or the gospel, but received it and prayed the salvation prayer with me! Praise the Lord!

After that first one, I got SO excited and a huge joy came to my heart. I knew that now I’m in the center of what God has called me to do. That night, during a very short time I had won 6 people to the Lord and hardly could wait for the next time to come! I felt like it says in that song, to be “free to run” for the Lord. After that, every time has been exciting and different. Sometimes I’ve found myself being too confident on my own abilities, and got nobody saved. Sometimes I’ve felt totally incapable in the beginning, and after taking the first step and asking Holy Spirit to help me, have had the best harvest ever. So, it’s been a huge learning process and definitely the best thing that has happened to me during this time.

Now, during this time in RBI, I’ve lead about 200 people to the Lord and to me, it is a total miracle of God when I consider the way I was before. It is awesome to be a vessel for God and feel the power of the Holy Spirit that flows when preaching the gospel. I started soul winning in my home church back in Finland during our time there in December and got a couple of people mobilized. I’m looking forward to continue that there after RBI and get more members of church activated in soul winning and rejoicing in seeing the harvest coming in!

Noble K. Testimony

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It was not until the first time I went soul wining that I truly understood how much our country needed revival, and even thou I was more than capable of killing my flesh enough to go out, I still tried as hard as I could to avoid actually talking to people but eventually conviction caught up with me to the point where I could not just stand there and see someone without making sure they heard the gospel myself, I don’t want God to say to me that I had them in front of me and I did not tell them, no not anymore, going for as many souls as I, I am trying to bring as many souls I can with me to heaven no holds bars, can I realize that when people say no its not to me but to God and same when they are saying yes.

Seeing the people come into the Kingdome makes all it worth it, watching the same people that I talk to on the streets show up to church on Sunday morning seeing people healed and watching them go out and preach the gospel like they heard it , going to the alter call and getting touched, It makes me feel like I am succeeding on a frontline mission that God himself has ordered me to execute, the plan my friends is to plunder hell concerning souls, take everything and give nothing back, after all it’s the very least one can do for what was done for us on that cross.

I chilling all believers to go to grab a script or two go out and spread the gospel In your community and see the harvest come, see your communities change, and turn the area around you upside-down for the Kingdome of God.

Needra H. Testimony

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For a very long time throughout my Christian walk, I really struggled with my purpose and what God wanted me to do. I knew there was a plan for my existence, but I didn’t know what. When I came in contact with Revival Ministries Int’l and Pastors Rodney and Adonica, my life changed

The first time I lead someone to Jesus, I felt like I had just won one million dollars! I was so excited! I was nervous, but I did it! As time went on, something clicked on the inside, that I may be the only “Jesus” the world may ever know. Jesus has touched my life. He has saved me and others need to know!

Soul winning helps to keep my fire burning. When I am having a not so good day, I will lead someone to Jesus and feel 100% better. It is such an awesome feeling. There are times when I may get nervous, but I know it has to be done. Soul winning has shown me that God is not waiting on a title in front of my name, but is looking at my heart that is willing to pour His love out on people!

Soul winning has truly become a lifestyle for me. I’m not declaring to be perfect in this matter, but I do know that God used ordinary people like me to change nations. When I’m out soul winning, I see smiles of joy, people’s countenances change, and tears in their eyes, or how they reach out for hug and it melts my heart! This is what our Christian walk is all about…the lives of others!

Soul winning has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and walk into what God has called me to do “Go ye into the entire world and preach the Gospel.”

Nancy S. Testimony

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Last week, I went to get some Duncan Donuts. I was driving to go home that day. I parked my car in the drive way, and opened my door. I looked up and there was a man fixing the roof next door. I said Hello! Would you like a donut? He said “Yes”. He came down from the roof and picked up a donut. While he was there eating his donut, I asked him “Has anyone ever told you that God loves you and that He has a wonderful plan for your life? He said “No”. I asked him another question, “If you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would go to Heaven? He said “No” because there’s nothing in heaven, we are going to be on the earth.

I proceed sharing with him what the Bible reads. He didn’t want to hear it. He said I know all that but there is nothing in heaven. He started to question me, “Saying why someone would want to go to heaven if there’s nothing there, we are going to die on the earth. I started to share with him what I’ve learned in class.

As the Lord was speaking through me, I believe that the Lord was opening the man’s heart. I asked him would you like heaven to be your home when you die. His answer was “Yes”. Let me share with you what the Holy Bible reads. I proceeded with the script. He repeated the prayer and got saved. I said to him now you know for sure that you have a home in Heaven when you died. His response was “Yes” I know, and I know that he is Alive! He left with his eyes watery and face was changed.

I have led many people to the Lord, but these past months it has been different. I’m able to listen more and agree with people in prayer depending on their situations. Sharing with them what I’ve learned in class, is becoming more real to me that there’s a place called heaven that is our home.