Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Emily R Testimony

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The TV was on this morning and I heard about the class that was going on at Evangel to learn how to share Jesus. I knew I had to come and learn and that my work could wait. I was blown away by how simple and easy it was to share Jesus. The Lord let me see 8 people pray for Jesus to come into their heart! My partner/teammate saw 10. So combined I was able to see 18 people saved today. More in one day then I have seen my whole Christian life! Praise Jesus! One guy had been shot 30 feet from where we met him, a few weeks ago. I knew God had a plan for him because he was still alive. He prayed and asked Jesus into his heart.

Emily R
Kentucky United States

Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Sanaa H Testimony

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Prayed for 3 spanish guys sinners prayer and sang them a song. Spake with 38 people and 3 conversions also 12 people too busy I prayed for a young man that needed healing for back pain. I could feel the heat as I payed hands on his back. I spoke with over 60 peole and with 32 salvation. I have had an awakening in my soul. I had prayed with a class that accepted the Lord. 4 people and professor asked for prayerNH Encouraged people NH Goal 33 Got 33

Sanaa H
Kentucky United States

Revival Tithe and Offering

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Hi My name is joshua and i’m a partner of RMI since 2007. I just want to say that the Lord is so good. As i kept listening pastor Rodney sunday after sunday preaching on the coming financial breakthrough for the believers and the importance to keep sowing whatever the circumstances. This is what i have done with my wife even in the (very)Hard time, i kept sowing to God into the ministrie and today i’m glad to annonce that i just received a Great promotion in my Job! And My salary will almost double!! Hallelujah!! I PRAISE JESUS! HE IS SO FAITHFULL AND TRUE!! Thank you Pastor Rodney and all of you team for blessing us every Sunday! Joshua London

Joshua Z
London (No State) United Kingdom

Holy Spirit

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A few months ago while lying in bed the Holy Spirit told me to get a physical. At the time I did not have health insurance but I still went to the Dr. In the meantime I applied for Molina (a public health insurance) and was accepted and qualified as of Nov. 1, 2008. During my physical my Dr. found a very large uterine fibroid that needed to be removed. He sent me to a specialist who conferred with his diagnosis and through an ultrasound they also found a very large cyst in my right ovary which also needed to be removed. Since I thought I had insurance as of Nov. 1st, we went ahead and scheduled it on Nov. 19th. I gave the Dr and the hospital my insurance info. but after the surgery, I was told that the insurance wouldn’t pay because they said they consider this a pre-existing condition. I was SHOCKED because I knew that the bill would be a very large amount and I wouldn’t be able to pay it. The hospital told me that I would probably qualify for financial assistance and to call their office when I get out of the hospital, which I did. I was told they would send out some forms for me to fill out but I never received them. Yesterday I received a statement from my insurance company which showed the amount of $32,874.00 which they where not going to pay. So I called the hospital again to see where the forms where that I should have gotten a week before and I was told the reason they did not send out any papers was because I didn’t owe them anything!?! I couldn’t believe what I heard and asked again and the lady said I DIDN’T OWE ANYTHING BECAUSE THEY GAVE ME A COURTESY FINANCIAL FORGIVENESS OF DEBT AND I HAD A ZERO BALANCE. I couldn’t believe what I heard and started rejoicing and praying and thanking God for his Grace and Mercy and for Loving me. God is so good all the time and “NOTHING TRULY IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.” Not only did God pay for my insurance, he also kept me safe during my surgery and during my recovery. I had some problems with my blood pressure dropping seriously low (10points at a time) and made sure that the nurses he sent me gave me excellent care. HALLELUJA and PRAISE GOD! I have been a member of the River (via Internet) for 2 years now and I thank God for your ministry and for what you’re doing for this country and abroad. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES! Shining in God’s Grace, Mandy M

Manuela (Mandy) M
Bonney Lake Washington United States