Basadien Quanita Testimony

rodney howard browne

Sunday was amazing here at the River. We had hundreds of kids show up all expecting gifts and ready for the word at the toy give away. It is truly a blessing to have been able to be apart of this, realizing that God rewards His servant’s and that it is always better to give than to receive. We have such an outstanding helps ministry here and all the helpers were more than eager and willing to devote their skills and time to make this event happen. Lives were changed as people came hungry for God. Over a hundred and fifty children came forward to the altar and gave their lives to Jesus, declaring Him as Lord and Savior.  We bussed in eight charter buses full of people who came to church ready for the main event. There were over 1,300 people in attendance and 350 people gave their lives to the Lord. With over 300 workers ready serve in so many different facets of ministry from giving out food boxes and distributing toys to camera operators and ushers. The crowds came in and we were ready to welcome them into the family with open arms just as God loves us and welcomes us in  His arms when we surrender to His will and call for our lives. There truly is no greater reward for serving in the Kingdom of God than the reward from what we saw here at the River with the harvest of souls on Sunday as lives were changed, and people begin to experience the unending love and power of God. There is no limit to what God can do if you just yield and allow Him to do the work.


Qaanita B

Tony Carpenter Testimony

Sunday, December 13th, I got to church at 8am. I was surprised to see that so many helpers had gotten to the church at 6 and 7am, ready to serve. I worked security in the kid’s church. I was very amused watching 2 kids dance and compete for the bike give-a-way. One kid was doing a worm dance and the other was spinning on his head. There were hundreds of children packed out in the place and dozens of Hispanic children for the day of our advertised Spanish toy outreach. The day really ministered to me that what we were doing and all of our work was so real to the children. When the children were coming into the door to children’s church, they were solemn, shy and emotionless. After the service and the packed out altar call, I noticed that the children were lit up and on fire. They were showing so much more love to one another and had so much more energy. They were high-fiving me on the way out the door and there were special glows in their faces, as they were lit with enthusiasm and peace. I was also able to help in moving tables over at the Food Ministry and also using the forklift to move the remaining toys inside. I even got to dance to Latino music outside of the bus ministry and maintain the energy and excitement of all of our kids and parents. The love of God and the goodness of God is so real. And the power of God overcomes and breaks all strongholds. I am a living testimony of that. And I see it every Sunday at the River. The church preaches the Word of the Living God and demonstrates the love and the goodness of God week after week. I am privileged to be a part of this ministry and to see the power of God fall in every service and do miracles. December 20th is surely going to be another great harvest for the River family. I look forward to all the Lord is going to do.

Tony C

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii | Estelle W Testimony

Great Awakening Tour City #14 Maui, Hawaii
Went out with Sue to Harbor Lights–god had given me (#8) & God used me to say the prayer of salvation to 9 people! My son led two people to the Lord & later thanked me for making him do this–he realized how fulfilling it was. It was awesome! He was encouraged & even invited one to play basketball @ church on Sunday–they were in the elevator.

Estelle W
none given Hawaii United States