May 15 2008: Web

I laid hands on the sick today and a person recovered! Here’s the story: I was at the beauty salon getting my hair done. And I thought to myself, ‘Am I going to do anything good for God, today?’ Just then, there came this strange noise from the back room like someone was getting violently ill. After about 10 minutes or so, this lady came walking out and you could tell she was having a very hard time and she was wiping her face under her eyes. By this time I had been sitting under the hair dryer with highlights so, when I was done, I just walked up to her and quietly asked if she wanted me to pray for her. Of course she wanted me to. So I laid hands on her and commanded the nausea and every sickness and disease to leave her body in the name of Jesus. She was very grateful and said she believes strongly. So I had my hair rinsed out and, while I was waiting with treatment in my hair, she came over to me all smiling and everything and felt like dancing! It was a far cry from what she had felt like just minutes earlier. I told her that Jesus heals, Praise God! Julie S.